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Mask Care

Our hemp and organic cotton fabric masks are prewashed prior to making, but you will still find some slight shrinking with washing.

  • Never touch the front of the mask with your hands. 
  • Remove the mask by touching only the straps, please store safely in a mask storage bag,
  • Remove the filter, if using and dispose responsibliy/.
  • Wash your hands after taking off your mask, or if you accidentally touch the front of the mask while adjusting.


Our masks are machine washable in warm or cold wash. 

The more hemp is used, the softer it gets.


The vaccine has come and the bush fire season is behind us for another year and we never want to see the sight of a face mask ever again. What should you do?
Don't throw them in the bin, our masks are fully biodegradable - put them in your compost or garden, or house plant*. 
• Remove the elastic and reuse if possible or discard responsibly.

• Hemp and organic cottons are free of pesticides and natural fibres, so it will not add nasties or micro plastics to your soil. In effect, it will boost your soil and compost with

* If composting into a house plant, we recommend cutting up the fabric into smaller pieces so it will break down quicker.